Our Process

Our Process

Inspired by life’s stolen moments, Viktoria Barrett was born out of a desire to share treasures of the world and cultivate a community of international artisans through embellishing every home with stories of culture, beauty and love.

Viktoria Barrett curates an elevated, ethical and sustainable collection of artisan home décor, carefully selected through intentional, personal and loving relationships with artists from across the world. 

Holding space for quiet whispers, soft brushes of a hand and the calm of a candle’s flame, Viktoria Barrett offers unique home goods for those stolen moments we all desire.

The first Viktoria Barrett piece was discovered in the Swiss Alps - hand-made luxury candles created by a couple in the town of St Moritz.

Their work inspired husband and wife, James and Louisa, a pair of kindred spirits themselves, to travel the world in search of unique pieces that spoke to their hearts, values and love of beauty.

The Viktoria Barrett collection now embraces textiles, ceramics, candles and wall art from artisans in over 10 countries. It proudly blends culture, trade and style all while inspiring an intimate and minimalist touch.

The heart and soul of every artisan is reflected in each piece at Viktoria Barrett. Every chosen artist maintains fair trade, ethical pay and moral working environments, in addition to a craftsmanship of quality and sustainability.

Through honouring craft, honouring culture and above all honouring the Earth, together we create environments worthy of cherished beauty.

This is Viktoria Barrett.