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Why is the cost at checkout different than what is displayed when adding product to my cart?
As a Canadian company, Viktoria Barrett processes all orders in Canadian Dollars (CAD).Prices shown in US Dollars will be automatically and accurately converted to Canadian Dollars (CAD) at the time of checkout using Conversion Rates that are UPDATED HOURLY.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship internationally.
Do you accept returns?
Please refer to our Returns and Exchange Policy for further information about our return and exchange process. Viktoria Barrett Gift Cards may not be redeemed for cash. Our Return and exchange policy is also applicable to any goods purchased using a Viktoria Barrett Gift Card.
How quickly will my order ship?
All online orders are shipped within 1-3 business days after your order is placed. Each order is carefully packaged and sent directly from Mississauga, Ontario in Canada. Shipping timelines are provided to us as estimates by the shipping companies we utilize. We do not refund or resend lost or undelivered orders.
How do I care for my Oaxaca Dip Dyed Blanket?

To maintain the original shape and feel or your blanket, and to prevent pilling we recommend dry cleaning your blanket.

How do I care for my Napoli Pillow Cover?

Unfold your linens completely before washing and do not overload the machine.
Wash your linens at maximum 40 degrees Celsius using a mild soap. Avoid chlorine bleach. If possible line dry, it's best for linen and the environment. If using a tumble dryer, dry on medium heat, and do not over dry. Iron with steam on slightly damp linen. We recommend turning the pillow inside out and ironing the inside of the fabric.

How do I get the most out of my Lhasa candle?

Burn the candle for a minimum of 3 hours the first time you light it. Do not place it directly on any surfaces, the colours used to dye it can transfer colour onto surfaces. Never leave candles unattended and keep candles out of the reach of children. Protect and shield candles from any wind or drafts. Do not expose candles to any temperature over 40˚C or to direct sunlight. Do not expose candles to any temperature under 5˚C. To avoid the wick from smoking, cut the wick down to half a centimetre each time before lighting your candle.

How do I get the most out of my Fenwick candle?

The candle should be stored in a cool dry place. It should be burned for 1-2 hours minimum at a time. Ensure to let candle wax melt to the edge of the glass before extinguishing. If wick mushrooms, remove carbon build-up by lightly pinching the soot off. When the candle has finished, wash the empty candle jar and repurpose.

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