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Our Story

We created Viktoria Barrett out of a passion for exploring this world and all its cultures, and for the beauty and art that it inspires. We wanted to share this beauty, these extraordinary products with you. To help you create beauty in your home with products that evoke feelings of comfort, warmth, safety and possibility.

Out of a desire to help you create stolen moments. Those moments where everything comes together just right. These moments are fleeting, elusive, and rare. It's what makes them so special, what makes them feel like they're stolen. And once they've passed these moments turn into memories, imprinted in our minds forever. They are the moments, the feelings that we continue to try to find and recreate.

Our Process

On our travels or through discovering local artists we curate products that embody who we are and what we strive for as Viktoria Barrett.

Products that instill feelings of comfort, warmth, intimacy and possibility. That help you create stolen moments. Products that are timelessly elegant and unique.

Our Values


As we honour the Earth we use our brand to invest in and elevate artisans creating natural, sustainable, and ethically crafted home goods. We invest in small batches of hand-made pieces that ensure quality is of the highest standard.

At Viktoria Barrett elevated minimalism is a core value. We believe that curating a home through pieces that connect to your heart and connect to the greater good is a loving step towards restoring our planet, all while inspiring more beauty in the environment around us.

Diversity and Equality

On our quest to seek unique and elevated décor to bring into your homes, we also strive to touch every corner of the world. It is through investing and supporting artists and makers of a variety of cultures, religions, ethnicities, race, sexuality and genders that we can provide a true reflection of the vast world we live in. Our content and imagery reflects the global artisans who we support, as well as the diverse community we wish to uplift in our own part of the world.

The intimate team at Viktoria Barrett is committed to growing through diverse, inclusive and equitable hiring practices to ensure that more voices can be both heard and elevated through our brand.


We are lovers of the Earth and the humanity that creates the beauty within it. Exploring the world’s untouched wonder and connecting to humanity is at our core. Through recognizing and highlighting the stories, lives and gifts of those from diverse backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles, Viktoria Barrett strives to leave the world a better place than we found it.

Fair Trade and Ethical Work

We have an unwavering commitment to supporting and creating fair trade practices with artisans across the world. Every product curated in our collection has been produced in an ethical work environment with fair wages to the artist. Viktoria Barrett ensures every voice that has created our pieces is heard throughout our community, amplifying these stories via brand touch points and narratives.

Craftsmanship and Artistry

We believe in cultivating a beautiful home which is filled with the love that’s poured into handmade pieces of art from around the globe. Ensuring quality and craftsmanship are at the core of every product, Viktoria Barrett collections are based on the impact each piece creates, and the beauty that each artist adds to our world.

Meet Louisa & James

As James recalls it, the first time he met Louisa it was on a hot summer afternoon, sometime in July 2013. He was sitting outside his best friend's house having a coffee when a car pulled into the driveway. Little did he know then that he was about to meet his future wife.

“Out of the car stepped the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.”

After he had stumbled through an introduction, Louisa went inside. James immediately turned to his best friend, mouth agape, and asked who the mystery woman was.

"That's my cousin." he replied. 

As fate would have it, Louisa and James wouldn't see each other again for some time. Looking back, the pair realizes that on some level they both knew they had found something different, something special -but that the timing just wasn't right for them … yet. 

Two years later, as James was on a road trip to Nashville with his best friend, he found himself asking about Louisa. By now it had been over a year since their chance encounter. James was told she was doing well, and then conversation switched gears.

Upon arriving to Nashville James noticed a new text, from whom else? Louisa.

They messaged frequently while he was in Tennessee and arranged a date for as soon as he got home to Toronto.

The rest, as they say, is history. They found each other at the right place, in the right time, and in words reminiscent of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the pair slipped briskly into an intimacy neither of them had experienced before.

“It may have taken us a few years, a few chance meetings, a few cosmic events bringing us together and conspiring in our favour, but in the end we found each other. And, now we get to walk through the rest of life together, hand in hand.”

“Ours is a love that brought out the best in each of us. A love that takes us around the world together and a love that started a company together. Our love is the kind of love that makes you feel safe, secure and ready to take on any adventure.”